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Volpersdorf (Wolibórz)


After the Donyn family died out, the Bohemian knight Georg Stillfried von Rattonitz received the fief of Neurode in 1473 and with it Volpersdorf. From then on, the Stillfriede, as hereditary and feudal lords of Neurode, were also church patrons of Volpersdorf. In 1628 the dominion of Volpersdorf, where Elisabeth, the widow of Adam Friedrich von Stillfried, lived, was sold to the imperial councillor Johann Angelo von Morganthe. This marked the end of the 155-year rule of the Stillfriede in Volpersdorf. In 1665 the property passed to Gisbert von der Hemm and Hemmstein. In 1793, the family of the Imperial Counts of Magnis took over the Hemm properties and received the patronage rights over the Volpersdorf parish (until 1945).

Wolibórz (Volpersdorf) today:

Volpersdorf 2

Quelle:  Die Geschichte des Volpersdorfer Dominiums von Hans Wagner





Volpersdorf 150

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