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Henry the Elder (Heinrich der Ältere)

Heinrich Elisabeth

Heinrich der Ältere, geb. 1519 gest. 04.03.1615,
 with the 1. wife Elisabeth von Pannwitz.

Lehensherr auf Neurode (today: Nowa Ruda)
and Mittelsteine (Ścinawka Średnia), Hauptmannshof


"After the death of Friedrich von Donin in 1467, Mittelsteine and Neurode fell to the Bohemian King Georg von Podiebrad as a settled fief. The latter gave both fiefs to Georg Stillfried-Rattonitz out of gratitude for services rendered, with the condition that he marry one of the sisters of the deceased Friedrich von Dohna (Donin). In 1472 Duke Heinrich the Elder confirmed the donation. In an inheritance settlement between Jakob von Stillfried and his cousin Georg von Stillfried, the Mittelsteine estate fell to Jakob, who was married to Hedwig von Reichenbach. After Jakob's death around 1529, his son Heinrich von Stillfried inherited the estate."



Grave of Heinrich und Elisabeth

Grab Heinrich Elisabeth

Vorfahren HeinrichdÄ


Hauptmannshof (Dwór Kapitanowo) today:



More pictures of Hauptmannshof, Dwór Kapitanowo (Zamek)

 Der Teufel von Neurode

aus:   Sagenbuch des Preußischen Staates Band 2 (Märchen der Welt)   von Johann Georg Theodor Grässe

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