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Casa Stillfried in Valdivia

 Casa Stillfried Centro Education

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Casa Stillfried 2With the kind permission of Lu Hazel

 Tafel Casa Stillfried


Baron Raimundo von Stillfried und Rattonitz was born in Volpersdorf in 1826; he married Maria Werkmeister Hartwig in Valdivia in 1857 and died in Munich in 1912. His son, Baron Otto Guido von Stillfried, built this beautiful residence, a true masterpiece of tinsmithing, all the more remarkable for having been left unpainted and in its natural state. The original design of the house envisaged a transparent wooden arch in the wide gable of the façade. This very interesting house was acquired by the University Austral and is kept as part of the architectural heritage of the complex. Its builder was Werkmeister.


Raimund Chile Vorfahren

The sons von Raimund und Maria:                        Raimund, Otto, Arno, Bruno

It was built in 1911 by Enrique Werkmeister and named after its original owners: Luisa Fritz and Baron Otto Guido von Stillfried Wermeister. In 1956, it was acquired by the Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh) as the seat of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education. It is currently the Continuing Education Centre (CEC) of this university.
It is built mainly of wood and has elements of neoclassicism and revival style. The ornamentation is evident in the window frames, doors, pilasters, cornices and crowns, as well as in the cladding of galvanised iron in the form of a cushion on the first floor façade and of sheet metal with vertical ribbed waves on the rest of the façade. Built in 1911 by Enrique Werkmeister, the house was named after its original owners: Luisa Fritz and Baron Otto Guido von Stillfried Werkmeister. In 1956, it was purchased by the Universidad Austral de Chile to become part of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education. It currently houses the university's Centre for Continuing Education and Development (CEC).
The house is mainly built of wood and has neoclassical and revivalist elements. Ornamentation is found on the window frames, doors, columns, mouldings and crowns. Further ornamentation can be found on the cushion-shaped cladding of galvanised iron covering the first floor façade and on the sheet metal cladding of the attic, which is characterised by vertical fluted waves.

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Today the building is the Centro de Educación Continua de la Universidad Austral de Chile ( UACh) en calle General Lagos, Valdivia, Chile.

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It is worth noting that the programmes developed by the CEC have been carried out in e-learning mode for several years, with excellent results. María Ignacia Fuenzalida points out that "virtuality is one of the CEC's main assets and has allowed it to offer its education and training programmes in an agile and effective way in recent years; this has been a commitment and a great challenge that has been consolidated and that now allows us to better present ourselves to a more diverse audience and more distant territories", she says.

On the other hand, the professional highlights the alliance that the unit has forged with other university institutions to develop quality programmes where the experience and background of the academics and professionals who will teach the modules are fundamental. "We are currently working with institutes and schools in our faculty (the Faculty of Arts and Humanities) and with the Faculty of Science on two programmes. We also hope to partner with other faculties soon to further diversify our offerings."

The enrolment deadline has been extended to 24 March. Alumni and staff of the Universidad Austral de Chile receive a 10% discount on tuition fees, and other options or discounts are available in special cases.

Courses in different areas
In addition to the diploma courses, the CEC offers courses in different training areas, both for educators and technicians, as well as for other professional fields. "We have also worked intensively with the private sector, as the university's Organisation for Technical Education (OTEC) works under the CEC umbrella and offers courses that can also be accessed with a SENCE code," explains the CEC director.

In this sense, María Ignacia Fuenzalida points out that OTEC has established itself in recent years as an important provider in the regions of Los Ríos and Los Lagos, offering training in several municipalities and public services. Also, as a technical assistance organisation in education, it offers courses registered with the Centre for Specialities and Improvement of the Ministry of Education, which allows it to expand its action network with public and subsidised educational institutions.

María Ignacia Fuenzalida called for people to get to know what the Centre for Continuing Education has to offer. Those who wish to do so can visit the website or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or WhatsApp +56985222066.



Proposal for the restoration of the Von-Stillfried-Hauses, UACh.

Translation of the original text of the link:

Built around 1911 by Enrique Werckmeister, commissioned by Baron Otto Guido von Stillfried and Luisa Fritz, as a summer home for the family who lived in the countryside at the time.

In its more than 100 years, it is part of the founding history of the Universidad Austral de Chile. In 1956, the university acquired the building and made it the first seat of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education. Since 1981, the building has been home to the Centre for Continuing Education, which is part of the Faculty of Philosophy and History.

The building has undergone numerous changes in form and function, adapting to needs while losing its original appearance. For this reason, the proposed intervention aims to restore the façades according to the original plans and to restore access via the river.




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